About Sandy Danto

It's noon and in a Los Angeles neighborhood called Los Feliz, there is one hilarious individual and right now he's sleeping. Yes, sleeping. It's noon. The temperature is rising. The Sun is starring daggers at us and this man, Detroit-native SANDY DANTO continues his slumber. Why is he sleeping? Because he can. The difference between the reader and him is that when he wakes up, he's not popping out of a dream. He's living in it. He's living it. Sandy on stage is like watching Lebron James try out for Freshman basketball at St. Vincent- St. Mary, they both had to take bathroom breaks.

Sandy moved to LA after studying at Indiana University while taking summer classes at the famed Second City in Detroit, then immediately starts working at National Lampoon. He is a character actor, but is equally comfortable playing himself and did so plenty during his stint with the Lampoon. In addition to his on camera work, he writes, directs and produces comedy shorts, which is what he was hired to do for National Lampoon. His work can be seen on NationalLampoon.com and on their college television networks.

Shortly after moving to Hollywood, he goes on to appear on Mad TV and Comedy Central's Mash-up, as well as co-hosts the web-series Fat Guy Nation. He eventually goes on tour with 90's icon Pauly Shore and builds a name for himself that he carries back to LA on his back and throws down at the steps of his apartment, where he gets back to work, writing jokes. Whether or not any success, paid gigs or applause fulfill him, and what he came to California to do, isn't even relevant at this point. His presence on stage as a performer and friend is relevant in itself. Anything else is bonus and whether or not you laugh, isn't. He'll be fine because, after all, he's just dreaming.

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